Shems Heartwell

Shems Heartwell is a certified relationship coach and breathwork specialist residing in Hawaii. He has been a student of qigong and yoga for the past 18 years, during which he has studied with numerous teachers, mentors, and spiritual guides. Shems is committed to being a catalyst for transformation and dedicates his work to helping individuals

Dina Proctor

Dina Proctor is a life and business coach, inspirational speaker, and bestselling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day. After hitting emotional rock bottom, she—quite unintentionally!—created a process called 3×3 Meditation (3 minutes, 3 times a day) that enabled her to transform every aspect of

Renée Blair

Renée Blair is a licensed, registered nurse who realized the need for a greater emphasis on holistic health and nutrition. She now works as a vegetarian/vegan chef and teacher with an emphasis on whole, natural foods.  Renée is also the founder of the popular website, Nourish The Roots, where she posts gorgeous pictures and recipes

Mark England

Mark England has been studying methods and techniques for personal empowerment for the last decade. He has a Masters degree in international education, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has had a full-time private language practice for the last eight years, and is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Language Systems. In his spare time Mark

Stephen S. Hall

Stephen S. Hall is the author of Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience, along with many other books on science and society. He has received numerous awards for his writing, which has appeared in National Geographic and The New York Times. He resides in New York where he teaches graduate journalism classes at Columbia University. Featured

Tina Welling

Tina Welling is the author of Writing Wild, Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature, along with Crybaby Ranch, Fairy Tale Blues, and Cowboys Never Cry. Welling’s essays have been published in Shambhala Sun, The Writer, Body & Soul, and other national magazines, as well as four anthologies. She conducts creative writing and journal keeping workshops

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a New Zealand native and author of Finding the Field: An Adventure of Body, Mind and Spirit, a fictitious tale that wondrously uncovers the core truths of the universe, based on his own personal journey to understand how the universe works. The explanations he offers are based on years of studying philosophy,

John Stanley

John Stanley, Ph.D. is a biologist who has led university and government research in Canada, Switzerland and the U.K. In 2009, he co-edited the book A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency (2009), featuring contributions by the Dalai Lama and 21 other Buddhist leaders. He created and maintains the website, which examines the global

Bruce Riley

Bruce Riley is a Chicago-based artist who works in an organic nonrepresentational style, which means he has no preconceived vision for the work before it begins. His pieces unfold and change as he paints them. He works primarily with paint and resin, which combine to produce surreal, psychedelic colors with unique abilities to reflect light

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu is a photographer, filmmaker and music producer. He is also co-founder of the band Ladytron. In his visual work, he is driven not just by the urge to create imagery, but by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for

Lori Robinson

Lori Robinson sold her California home and most of her belongings in 2009 for a simpler more nomadic life. As a lover of wild Lori strives to live more connected to the rhythms of nature. She rotates between California, New Mexico, Wyoming and Africa, writing about wildlife and wild places and working on her memoir.

Gary Null

Gary Null, Ph.D. is an acclaimed author of many best-selling books on health and wellness, as well as an award-winning director of several controversial documentaries, including The Drugging of Our Children. He is the founder of Progressive Radio Network and is the host of the longest-running public radio program on natural health in the United

Greg Arnold

Greg Arnold is a chef from Los Angeles who focuses primarily on vegan, plant-based cuisine. Recently he opened the vegetarian restaurant MESAVERDE, in Santa Barbara, and is now about to endeavor on a new venture—vegan restaurant Plant Food and Wine, opening in Venice Beach, CA in the coming months. Arnold enjoys simplistic dishes that offer

Samantha Keely Smith

Samantha Keely Smith is a painter and visionary artist working and living in New York. In her own words: “Her art represents a striving to reconcile the inner world of instinct and the tidal sweep of our emotional life, with an external world that is both beautiful and hostile in its natural grandeur.” To learn

Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman’s pristine, photorealist paintings of the ocean and remote, icy landscapes are painted by hand—quite literally using her fingertips to render marks in paint and chalk, rather than brushes. Traveling to far-flung corners of the globe affected by climate change in order to source inspiration for her large-scale compositions, Forman takes photographs and creates