Write For Us: Submission Guidelines

If you would like us to seriously consider your writing, article or story for publication on our website or in the magazine itself, please read and follow all of the guidelines below when submitting your work:

1. Before submitting an article, please familiarize yourself with our content and the articles on our website to get a feel for what we like to publish.  In a nutshell, we prefer content that is in-depth, practical and/or instructional, well-written, cited with sources if relevant and possible and approaches subjects from a fresh, insightful angle.

2. Please send links with your submission or ideas to your absolute best writing samples or attach them as word or PDF documents to the email with anything that you submit.

3. If you are submitting an article for review and publication, please submit it attached as a cleanly formatted word document.

4. Please keep your emails to the point and avoid long backstories. We get many submissions daily and it significantly increases our work load.

5. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot reply to every email.  Rest assured that we read all emails and if we are interested in your content, we will reach out to move forward.

After following the above guidelines, please submit your article here: submissions@consciouslifestylemag.com