Cosmic Dreams:
The Art of Devany Amber Wolfe



Artist Devany Amber Wolfe combines symbolic and esoteric imagery with distinctly feminine forms to create cosmic dreamscapes that invoke the most mystical aspects of our psyche and soul.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine: Where do you draw your inspiration for your work?

Devany Amber Wolfe: Dreams are a large factor. Landscapes in my dreams are always epic and psychedelic. The desert, of course, is a recurring theme—I am deeply inspired by how alien and hostile of an environment it is.

It distills things down to their essence and forces growth—that’s why I place so many of my subjects there. I am also fascinated with attempting to represent the idea of “The Void,” which I often talk about as the place where all things from the heart and mind arise—a universal vista we all share. It is the place where dreams occur. Its inexplicable, but art does not use words to deliver its messages. So, I am always trying to bring things down from the ether and make a visual representation of how this vast Void feels.


CLM: How has your Kundalini awakening experience influenced your art?

DAW: I’ve always been drawn to the more surreal side of the spectrum—I feel it provides an open door into deeper parts of the psyche; but after my Kundalini awakening, the subjects of my art became a bit more specific—focusing on ancient, universal symbolism, sigils, and archetypes. Despite the fact that my Kundalini experience was unique to me, I believe that Kundalini as a force opens one up to a sense of unity in all things. So I see symbols and archetypes as a natural step from there, for they are something found throughout cultures and eons of the world. I look forward to continued study with this in the new year.



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CLM: What messages does your artwork convey or what do you hope it sparks in viewers?

DAW: I’m not sure what precise message it conveys—I leave that up to the viewer. I myself hope it conveys a sense of awe, wonder, exploration, timelessness, and relatability. I hope they see something of their universal essence it.


CLM: How do you create your artwork? What is the process of birthing a piece like for you?

DAW: The process generally is either I will see something—an object or a gesture—that catches my attention, and I will begin with that. Or I will have a color scheme in my mind that I am dying to see come to fruition. Either way, the idea is usually quite nascent. When I was younger, I used to create paintings with very specific intentions, and it would not allow for what actually needed to come out, to arise. So I have, in my later years of practice, sort of stepped out of my own way. Sometimes, even that initial color scheme or gesture does not end up in the finished product. I play a lot, and I am unattached to outcomes, which is why I feel my work has been so successful lately. I don’t mind at all what ends up in the completed piece, as long as whatever message that needed to come through, did.


CLM: If you could share one important piece of wisdom or message with the world, what would it be?

DAW: It’s a tad bit cliché these days because it’s become a buzzword, but self-love. It is the foundation of everything you will do. It will determine how far you will go. It will decide how healthy you are, physically, emotionally, and mentally. It makes all the difference. I’ve learned that self-love practices do not have to be epic or “impressive”—especially during times of challenge or trauma—they can be very simple and humble. But as long as they are at the core of everything you do, they will support and uplift you.

There is another cliché (which I think is slowly dissolving, thankfully) that in order to be a successful artist or creator of any type, you must be starving and suffering. I believe this is just an antiquated notion perpetuated by the fact that living artists were often not supported, and so suffering for one’s art was the norm. But now we are able to promote ourselves much more easily. Some of my best work has come from when I’m in a very good place, emotionally and spiritually. I hope that all creators may find that for themselves.


Devany Amber Wolfe is an artist, writer, tarot maker, and Kundalini advisor currently based out of Toronto, Canada. Her work and mission is focused on depictions of, and discussions about, the archetypal, timeless nature of human evolution. rough a compelling combination of word plus vision, she wills the viewer into greater self-understanding and acceptance. Her work can be found at @serpentfire on instagram and








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