Experience the Cutting-Edge of Higher Consciousness at the 2018 Science and Nonduality Conference


Science Meets Spirit: Science & Non-Duality Conference 2017science meets spirituality at the annual science and nonduality conference in san jose, california. learn from the world’s greatest philosophers, teachers, scientists and wisdom keepers what is happening at the cutting-edge of higher consciousness.

Imagine being surrounded by the world’s top consciousness researchers, philosophers, spiritual teachers, scientists and artists—all sharing their deepest insights and wisdom into the nature of reality, consciousness and spiritual evolution. Now imagine that you are in a historic mansion in beautiful Northern California surrounded by fellow seekers from around the world, all there to grow, expand and evolve on every level; exploring interactive workshops on everything from health and wellness to the nature of reality, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine and just about anything else you can think of.

Cutting-Edge Science Meets Ancient Wisdom for Powerful Personal Transformation

It’s a powerful experience that happens every year as part of the Science and Nonduality Conference aka SAND. Grounded in both cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, SAND brings together interdisciplinary thought-leaders from around the globe, headlined by dozens of luminaries as diverse as Deepak Chopra (physician, metaphysican, author of 70+ books); physicist Peter Russell (who uniquely blends scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom); Sally Kempton (meditation teacher and spiritual philosopher); and legendary physicist and mystic, Fritjof Capra (who encourages us to look at the interdependency of all systems in our lives and the universe as a whole).

This year’s theme, The Mystery of Being Human, will be a 5-day immersive gathering to explore what Non-dual teacher and author Will Pye (who learned how to thrive despite having a brain tumor) calls the “BIG questions, utilizing all lenses in a fun environment.” From the perspective of emergence—even with the unique challenges of the 21st century—SAND is a celebration of both science and timeless wisdom traditions that validate the core truth of our existence—that we are not limited or separate.

Over 100 Talks and Workshops: A Selection of Some of Our Favorites

With over 100 speakers and talks, interactive workshops will present cutting-edge theories and practical tools on everything from inner space to outer space, with the potential that your individual awakening shifts a complex, chaotic worldview—what IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin calls “a major breakdown in how civilization works”—into a composed, unified and humanistic paradigm, a fractal, of how your next-level consciousness affects not only society but the cosmos.

Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Mark Gober, exemplify SAND’s twin themes. LaBerge is the first scientist to empirically prove the existence of the phenomena of lucid dreaming. His work has developed this technique into a powerful tool for studying mind-body relationships in the dream state and he has demonstrated the considerable potential for lucid dreaming in the fields of psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine.  Gober, a Princeton graduate and financial analyst turned consciousness researcher, will be discussing the everyday implications of the findings that consciousness does not emerge from the brain but is a fundamental aspect of reality. You’ll have a chance to learn how these somewhat existential topics actually apply in quite practical ways in our day to day life for greater happiness, health, awareness and ultimately peace of heart and mind.

From the past to the future, from the head to the heart, topics will be wide-ranging and compelling; here’s just a sampling:

+ Healing ancestral trauma with Mark Wolynn author of It Didn’t Start with You;

+ Charles Eisenstein’s insight on the ecological initiation and opening the masculine heart;

+ Awakening to the divine feminine with Nadeshwari Joythimayananda;

+ Quantum physics and the boundless mind, presented by Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher on the human potential movement;

+ Understanding how the Enneagram provides an elegant mapping congruent with current neuroscience and psychological understanding to create a receptive mind;

+ Exploring consciousness through both dreaming and awakening with lucid dreaming expert Stephen LaBerge;

+ How tapping into practical applications of spirituality can create socially impactful, deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives and businesses;

+ On-site, experiential guided meditations and embodiment/movement workshops with leading teachers and researchers.

Join an inspired and vibrant community of co-creators for a 5-day immersion filled with talks, panels, meditation, performances, music and dance that takes place at the elegant, century-old Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA. Stroll the palm-dotted gardens while contemplating the great mystery of being human.

Where Science and Spirituality Meet

SAND is a “a real meeting of science and spirituality” comments Peter Russell and author Will Pye concurs, “It’s the connecting of the head and the heart.” Expect these workshops and events to help you find more peace, joy, self-expression and to deepen your understanding of how your unique gifts have a ripple effect that truly creates a shared reality. “Guaranteed at least one person will touch you and change your life forever!” quips ‘Guru Puppetji’.

How to Attend This Years Event

SAND kicks off October 24th-28th with one day of pre-conference workshops. The main conference begins on Thursday evening Oct. 25th at 7 p.m and ends on Sunday afternoon Oct. 28th at 6 p.m.

To get tickets, see a program listing with all the talks, workshops and speakers and get all your questions answered, visit their website here: Science and Nonduality Conference