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The Etheric Soundscapes of Relmic Statute


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Where does music end and our consciousness begin? Which begets the question, where do we actually hear music—in our ears or in our minds? I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you that Relmic Statute has the curious

ability to heavily blur the lines between music, ambience and atmosphere, taking the mind on a hypnotic journey through an odyssey of sound on their debut album Morning Tapes.

Relmic Statute doesn’t create music in the traditional sense, rather they sculpt moods and textures—rich, sensual experiences that provide a soundtrack to life, illuminating with incredible subtlety and finesse the audible rhythms that were always there, but perhaps had gone unnoticed by the conscious mind amongst a larger palette of sound that we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Often times when I listen to Relmic Statute, I forget I am even listening to music at all. I lose my sense of self and float out into the etheric soundscape that is created by the exotic blends of sound they fuse on each track. By combining elements of the natural world with obscure instrumentation and field recordings, they manage to capture the essence of our various life experiences with incredible detail. Writing this review, I know this is something difficult for the mind to fully comprehend, let alone create consciously, but somehow they manage to do it on every track. This is music driven by feeling and emotion, and it’s these qualities that make their work truly unique.

Somehow they weave the tapestry of sounds that make up a passing moment of life into a lush, hypnotic song, if you can even call it that. It’s music for sure, but music that straddles the line between ambience and melody so closely that at times its impossible to distinguish the two.

This is not music you sit and listen to, but music you live to. Put it on in the background while you work, read or drift lazily into a hazy daydream sprawled out across the floor… this is music to get lost to.

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