The Ultimate Guide to Positive Affirmations:
How to Rewire Your Mind For Prosperity
and Joy


Positive-Affirmations-Rewire-the-Mindeverything you think or say is an affirmation of some kind.

Affirmations in some mysterious and powerful way summon the forces of creation into our lives. In many cases, confronting and accepting our emotional states, openly and honestly is all we need to do to find

peace and freedom. In other cases, we must work at deeper levels and use other methods to teach ourselves to be free. Engaging the power of the spoken word through positive affirmations and mantras (and songs, poems, and prayers) is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to change the quality of our life experience and create the things we want in our lives.

The power of affirmations can be stated very simply: Affirmations in some mysterious and powerful way summon the forces of creation into our lives. After all, as it is written so clearly in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word.”

To affirm means “to make firm.” An affirmation is simply a spoken or written statement, in the present tense, declaring that a desired reality is now coming into being. There is a great mystery about how affirmations work—but fortunately we don’t need to understand how they work to set their power in motion in our lives.

We have been making affirmations all our lives. And others have been giving us affirmations all our lives as well, but we haven’t been consciously aware of the process and power of affirmations, and so we have affirmed a lot of things that we could do better without.


“Anything you say or think to yourself is an affirmation of some kind, for good or for ill.”


Anything you say or think to yourself is an affirmation of some kind, for good or for ill. Anything anyone else says to you can be an affirmation, if you accept it as being true for you. Our subconscious mind accepts it all—whether for better or worse. Most of us grew up in environments that weren’t totally supportive; most of us had parents, families, friends, and other people in our lives who gave us a lot of terrible affirmations that were destructive to our self-image and our views of the world in some ways. Children all too often tell each other that they’re stupid or ugly or unable to do something. Brothers and sisters often say negative, unflattering things to each other. These are unfortunate, negative affirmations.

Most people are still carrying with them, in their basic underlying beliefs, the unsupportive things that people told them when they were so young that they didn’t have the awareness to question or ignore them. And these negative affirmations have an especially powerful effect when there’s a strong emotion behind them—those moments when Mommy or Daddy is deeply upset and yells, “You never do anything for me!” give the child a deep affirmation of his or her own selfishness or worthlessness.

It’s no wonder that people have affirmed themselves into neurosis, depression, poverty, selfishness, sickness, weak and limited self-images, anger, frustration, violence, fear, and so on. Fortunately, affirmations are so powerful that a few minutes of conscious, deep, positive ones repeated daily for a few weeks can undo years of unconscious, deep, negative ones. This is especially true because of this fact: Positive affirmations have the greatest power in the universe behind them:
 the power of truth.


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Because the truth is that you are capable of transcending self-imposed limitations; the truth is you have a miraculous physical body, a phenomenal mind, and a connection with a subconscious mind that knows no limits. Your life is not only worthwhile; it is the realization of endlessly powerful forces of creation. And you are loving and compassionate—even though that love and compassion may be buried under years of unexpressed anger and fear and frustration.

enlightening-affirmation-of-selfthrough positive affirmations we can transcend self-imposed limitations. photo: elijah hail

Affirm what you know to be true in your heart, and you will create that reality. Affirm that you are free, and strong, and attractive, and prosperous, and loving—and you will find, often in a remarkably short time, that your outer world will begin to change as a reflection of your changing inner consciousness.

Affirmations: The Act of Creation

To understand an affirmation’s power to create something, it’s good to first attempt to understand how creation works. A great many different mythologies, mystical traditions, scientific studies, and religions have endlessly investigated the mysteries of creation. Many of them have come up with similar findings. The winding path of tantra embraces all these different traditions and worldviews.

The Kabbala—a mystical branch of Judaism—expresses it as clearly and simply as it can ever be stated. Those who have studied other traditions will see many similarities, and those with a scientific approach might see how it helps to explain something about the mysteries of creation.

To study Kabbala is to study the Tree of Life. All things are contained within the Tree of Life, and the creation of the Tree of Life reflects the mysteries of all creation. The study of the Tree of Life sheds the light of our understanding on the mysteries of ourselves, for we are a microcosm, mirroring the vast macrocosm of the universe: As above, so below.

The source of the Tree of Life is in emptiness, in the vast void of space. Then it all begins, first as a very subtle spiritual impulse—the impulse to create within the mind of God, if you will, or within the mysterious intelligence of the vastness of the universe. Then this very subtle spiritual impulse becomes something more tangible: a thought, a clearer, more definite impulse to create something. Once the impulse has become a thought, it gains momentum and then becomes a feeling, an emotional impulse. This feeling, supported by a sustained thought, soon becomes manifest in physical form, as an object we can experience with our senses.

The way in which the Tree of Life is created reflects the way in which everything in our lives is created. Everything has gone through this cycle: It is first a spiritual impulse, then a thought, and then a feeling, and then it becomes a physical manifestation. Think about it: Everything we have created in our lives was first a thought, and then a feeling. Anything we consistently hold in our minds to be true or real will become true or real in our physical universe.


“We are thinking and saying affirmations all the time—whether consciously or unconsciously.”


This explains why affirmations are so powerful. They are our very thoughts themselves, supported by our emotions. We are thinking and saying affirmations all the time—whether consciously or unconsciously. The Universe always says Yes to our affirmations, always supports them, because we are the Universe, we are the Tree of Life, and we are creating our own reality, through our thoughts and feelings and spiritual impulses.

The Power of Your Words

We are continually giving our bodies operating instructions through our thoughts and words, through automatic, often unconscious affirmations. Simply by being observant, we can become aware of this process.

Everything, before it is created on the physical plane, is at first a thought, then a feeling. Before we can build a house, there must be a blueprint for it, a design, an idea. Words are creative ideas spoken, made manifest into the world.

Many people are unconscious of this, often saying things like, “This is making me sick” or “This job is killing me” or “This is really hard; I can’t do it.” These words are affirmations, words with power. No wonder these people are getting sick, dying too young at jobs they hate, getting headaches, and failing.

Look at your life—clearly and honestly. You’ll see what you have been affirming to yourself. Most of us have created a lot of things we would prefer to do without. It is time to consciously affirm that we are now creating something better for ourselves. Here’s one simple yet powerful positive affirmation: Every day, in every way, 
I am getting better and better. Repeat it to yourself often, and feel it affect every cell of your body.

How to Do Positive Affirmations For Maximum Impact

Every thought and every word—positive or negative—is an affirmation, and is creating the reality of the affirmation. The simplest way to do positive affirmations consciously is just to say them to yourself, either out loud or silently, whenever you feel like it. Say them especially to counteract any negative thoughts or words you find yourself thinking or saying.

Positive affirmations are not a tool for repression: Allow yourself to have any thoughts and feelings that arise—don’t reject them—and yet give yourself the time and energy to affirm a more desirable reality after those negative thoughts and feelings have come up.

For example, if you find yourself thinking, “This job is making me sick,” look at what you’re thinking, and see if that’s something you really want to create for yourself. If it isn’t, repeat a positive affirmation to yourself, out loud or silently, I am strong and healthy when I do my workor I am in perfect health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituallyor Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better,” or something else that feels good to you. Say the positive affirmation repeatedly, if necessary, and say it with emotion, until it feels like it has sunk in. Try to remember to say it every time that old negative thought or feeling arises.

Just by becoming more aware of what you are thinking and saying, you will find that you have plenty of material to deal with. Notice the things that aren’t working in your life, and find the right affirmations to correct the situations.

Of course, your feelings about your job may be a very valid reason for you to find another, healthier job. But if you choose to remain in the same situation for now, then create the most positive thoughts you can about it. Replace those thoughts and fears of sickness with thoughts and hopes that every day, in every way, you’re getting better and better.


“Make positive affirmations in the present tense, and play with the wording until you find something that is believable to you.”


Make positive affirmations in the present tense, and play with the wording until you find something that is believable to you. Don’t affirm, “I am going to create abundance in my life,” because the results will always be waiting to happen in the future. Instead, affirm something like, I am now creating abundance in my life!”—and you’ll soon find that it is true. Our subconscious mind has no problem accepting that you are now on your way to creating abundance; for me personally, at least, that’s a far better affirmation than “I now have abundance,” because both your conscious and subconscious mind can quickly make the case that it’s not true if you happen to be struggling to pay the rent.

How soon a wonderful level of abundance will come into your life depends on how often you repeat your positive affirmation and on how strongly you are affirming the opposite on deeper levels of your consciousness. Positive affirmations are powerful enough to change subconscious negative beliefs into powerful, expansive beliefs. You are not weak and alone and incapable. You are powerful, connected to all,
 and capable of creating what your heart desires.

Positive Affirmations in Meditation

Another powerful way to do positive affirmations is in the relaxed state of mind and body that is often called meditation. When you meditate for even a short amount of time—even just a minute—you see powerful results in your life.

Here’s a little practice that is relaxing, energizing, and healthful—and it’s also a simple and easy way to deeply absorb positive affirmations. It’s certainly one of the most effective ways there are to create whatever you consistently desire and wish for in your life.

thinking-expansive-positive-affirmationspracticing positive affirmations during meditation can enhance their effectiveness. photo: yoal desurmont

Sit or lie down comfortably. Take a few deep cleansing breaths—even take a few minutes to breathe deeply, if you feel like it. Deep breathing is one of the best possible things we can do for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and affirm silently to yourself as you exhale, My body is now relaxing. Take another breath and affirm, as you exhale, My mind is relaxing, I am letting go of all thought. Take one more deep breath and affirm as you exhale, I am letting everything go.

Then choose any positive affirmation—any instructions you want to give your body and mind, anything you wish to create. See it happening here and now as you say your affirmation. If excitement and enthusiasm arise to support the affirmation, all the better—the stronger the feeling, the sooner the reality you wish to create will manifest.

Say your positive affirmation repeatedly, for as long as you wish. Try these, and see how they feel. Then come up with your own by changing some of the words in these positive affirmations or by coming up with your own completely different words:

I am deeply relaxed….
I am strong and healthy…. I am open, I am free….

Feel yourself relaxing. See yourself strong and healthy. Feel yourself open and free.

Everything I need is coming to me, easily and effortlessly….

In an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all I pray….

Then list your dreams. Dare to dream your ideal.

Spirit flows through me every moment with its healing energy….

I am guided by Spirit, doing God’s will….
I am now taking a quantum leap in my success in the world….
My marriage and family life are filled with grace, love, ease, and lightness….

Choose any other affirmation that appeals to you, and repeat it, many times, until you feel sure your subconscious has gotten the message. Picture yourself having completely fulfilled the vision contained within the positive affirmation. Enjoy yourself—don’t work too hard at this. Have fun with your creative imagination.

Take a final, deep breath at the end of your session and affirm: This, or something better, is now manifesting, in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all.
 So be it. So it is.

Now return to your waking day, fully relaxed and refreshed, able to easily and effortlessly accomplish whatever you want.

The more energy you put into your positive affirmations, the sooner you will experience results. Imagine yourself easily and effortlessly becoming what you are affirming. Don’t worry if you can’t exactly visualize it in your mind’s eye—just feel it or imagine it in any way you can. It’s such a simple thing to do, and by doing it, you are creating a new reality in your thoughts and in your emotions. Soon a vast, deep reservoir of power in you—the power of your subconscious mind, your connection with the infinite—will bring about in physical reality what you are affirming.


“The more energy you put into your affirmations, the sooner you will experience results.”


That’s worth repeating, and affirming: A vast, deep reservoir of power in me—
the power of my subconscious mind—
is now bringing my dreams into physical reality.

Writing Positive Affirmations

The measure of an affirmation’s success is whether or not it soon manifests in your world. Even if you are affirming something big and expansive, such as a tremendously successful career, you will start seeing results in your life in a short time, even if at first it’s just a change in your thoughts or feelings, a change in attitude.

If you continue to affirm without seeing any results, it is only because you are affirming something else on deeper, perhaps less conscious, levels that is creating something contradictory to what you are affirming consciously.

If you’re repeating to yourself, for example, My connection with infinite intelligence is now bringing me wonderful abundance every day,” with emotion, and after several weeks you’re still broke, then you need to discover what else you have been telling yourself (which means consciously or unconsciously affirming to yourself) that is creating a contradictory reality. Writing affirmations, and their responses, is a good way to do this.

Get a notebook or a few pieces of paper. (You can do any of this on electronic devices as well—use whatever you’re most comfortable with.) On one page, write “Affirmations” across the top. On the next page, write “Thank you!” across the top. Then write your affirmation on the first page. Put your attention into it; pour your feeling into it. You want to be successful, or beautiful, or creative, or whatever—and the truth of the matter is that you deserve it, so you might as well create it for yourself.

Keep writing the same affirmation repeatedly, and keep putting your full attention on it as much as possible. Soon you will probably notice some kind of inner resistance popping up—some words you are telling yourself (affirming to yourself) on deep levels. Whatever they are, write them down on your “Thank you!” page. On this page, voice all of your reactions to your affirmation.

Say you’re writing, for example, “My connection with infinite intelligence…” and you find yourself thinking, “What connection? That’s a total fantasy!” Immediately turn to your “Thank you!” page and write those words. It’s called your “Thank you!” page because, as you write those words, you want to mentally thank yourself for sharing them with you (this may sound artificial or strange, perhaps, but it works).

Then go back to writing your affirmation “…is now bringing me wonderful abundance.” Then you may find yourself thinking, “Abundance? Yeah, right! Fat chance!” or “I have no clue how to make serious money!” or even (this was actually said by a close relative of mine), “Rich people are jerks.” Write that down, too, on your “Thank you!” page. Then go back and write your affirmation again. And so on.

After writing your affirmation ten or twenty times, you may have ten or twenty or thirty comments on your “Thank you!” page. Look at them carefully—these are the things you are affirming to yourself on a deep, usually unconscious level that are creating your present reality. Sometimes it’s enough just to look at them and see how foolish they are, and how they are not really true for you. Sometimes these negative affirmations dissolve as soon as you look at them.

At other times, you may have to create new positive affirmations that are specifically designed to counteract what you’ve been telling yourself. In the case above, where you found that you were thinking you could never create a life of abundance, you may want to affirm something like, “I am capable of creating wonderful abundance in my life, easily and skillfully”or, if that’s too confronting, lower the gradient for yourself and affirm, “I am capable of skillfully managing my finances” or “I am sensible and in control of my finances; I am creating total financial success, in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way.” (That last positive affirmation did wonders for me; I’m sure it was one of the most powerful things I did that helped me get out of poverty and into a lasting state of abundance.)


“You may have to create new positive affirmations that are specifically designed to counteract what you’ve been telling yourself.”


Another great positive affirmation a friend of mine used repeatedly and successfully is: “I do wonderful work in a wonderful way, with wonderful people for wonderful pay.”

Write your positive affirmations, note your resistance, then break down that resistance with more positive affirmations. That’s all you need to do. When you finally get to the core of your resistance—to the terrible or hopeless thing about you that you haven’t dared to admit even to yourself—when you finally find yourself writing it out on your “Thank you!” page, you’ll feel something releasing in you. Then find the positive affirmation that deals with it directly and releases it for all time.

You’ll find yourself feeling wonderful. You are coming into your own power. You are no longer limiting yourself. You’re free to be who you want to be, and to create the life you want. It is your birthright.

Save your affirmation pages—they are potent reminders of how powerful you really are. Shred or burn or delete your “Thank you!” pages—they are filled with the negative, limiting thoughts and feelings you are now letting go of and changing into far more positive and expansive thoughts.

Here are some more positive affirmations. Let them serve as examples for you to create your own:

I am at peace with what is, filled with grace, ease, and lightness.

I have inner peace and contentment—true success!

I have the ability to live the life of my dreams, here and now.

I am living the life of my dreams, here and now.

I am now part of a vast, peaceful army that is transforming the world, in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.

I am an open channel for endlessly abundant creativity, in many, many forms.

I have wonderful confidence; I am strong and beautiful and serene.

I have beautiful, harmonious, satisfying relationships.

My marriage and family life are filled with grace, love, ease, and lightness.

My times alone are filled with grace, ease, and lightness. 

I am in perfect health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. 

My income now exceeds my expenses. 
My connection with infinite intelligence is now bringing me all the wealth and abundance I wish for.

Spirit flows through me every moment with its healing energy.

I am guided by Spirit, doing God’s will.

I am at peace.

Every moment, I feel my Being. This is enlightenment.

Work and play with one, two, or three at a time—as many as you feel you can handle—until you achieve results.

A Common Error When Practicing Positive Affirmations

A surprisingly large number of people do something when they begin saying affirmations that prevents them from ever realizing the dream of their affirmations: They assume the positive affirmations themselves will do all the work and that nothing else needs to be done.

In many cases, it is true that nothing other than saying an affirmation needs to be done. In these cases, all that’s necessary is for us to suggest the words to our subconscious, and the forces are set in motion that automatically create what we desire. This is the power of our human energy—our conscious and subconscious states of mind. When you see this happen—as I have many times—it is an exciting and fulfilling experience.


“Most positive affirmations need to be supported by a series of actions in the world.”


But most positive affirmations need to be supported by a series of actions in the world. Saying affirmations for abundance or creative expression or the perfect job, for example, needs to be done along with taking logical, concrete steps in the world. These steps are simple to discover; you either know them already, or you can discover them easily by doing a bit of research.

In creating abundance in your life, for example, you have to find the service or product you can offer the world that will shower you with abundance. Then you have to take the steps necessary to make that service or product available: You may need to create a website, make a brochure, make samples, find a way to tell people about your work, and so on.

I have known people who have affirmed abundance and then found an unexpected check in the mail, or an inheritance they hadn’t known about. But most people who successfully affirm abundance find that they have to do the necessary groundwork to offer their talents and gifts to the world.

Keep doing your positive affirmations, and it will become clear to you what you need to do. The steps will become obvious and easy, especially if you keep affirming you are becoming successful in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.

Have Patience With Affirmations

Two more elements are necessary for us to realize our dreams: patience and persistence. Some people are born knowing the value of patience and persistence. Others have to discover it along their winding paths. The world wasn’t created in a day.

As many of you have already discovered, sometimes you’ll find an affirmation that manifests almost as soon as you say it. But most created things take some time to manifest. Give a seed a week or so to sprout. Then give the plant a few months to grow. Give an affirmation at least three weeks to create some results.

In the case of an affirmation as broad as “My connection with infinite intelligence is now easily yielding me great abundance in my life,” it may take years to fully manifest. But you will probably feel some remarkable changes and see some results in your life within a few weeks after affirming it every day. With this affirmation, you’ll find yourself having some new ideas about creative ways to make money. You won’t be nearly so broke, and you’ll be feeling a lot more abundant—even if your bank account hasn’t changed much in the past few weeks. It will grow, if you are patient and persistent.

One affirmation that worked for me almost instantly was “I am organized.” For years I had been telling myself that I was disorganized. But as soon as I affirmed to myself, just a few times in a single session, “I am organized where I need to be,” I felt something wonderful: I felt the truth of that statement fill my being. I got up from my chair and immediately started listing all the things I was planning to do, hoping to do, and dreaming of doing. Then I organized it all, putting it into a list with the highest priorities at the top.

In one moment, I ceased looking at myself as a limited, unorganized person and instead saw myself as being very capable of clear organization. It was simple. Within a few weeks, I had created a filing system for both personal and business affairs, and I even straightened up my desk and work area somewhat (though, to be honest, my desk continues to be what most people would call a mess, and what I call creative chaos).

If you’re ready for it, some of your positive affirmations may manifest very quickly for you. But it usually takes longer. Just be persistent—keep it up, repeating your affirmations every day (or at least three or four times a week). If a particular affirmation seems to lose energy, if it feels lifeless, if you aren’t connecting with it, find another way to say it that feels good and strong to you.


“If you’re ready for it, some of your affirmations may manifest very quickly for you.”


If you see no noticeable results in three weeks, or a month, try writing your affirmations and your resistances. Discover the fear or doubt that is blocking you from creating your good. Then deal with it, one way or another. Let it go. Start affirming words that are the exact opposite of any negative beliefs.

It is startling for most of us when we realize that we create what we want in our lives. We may not be creating what we think we want, but in fact we are creating exactly what we want on some deep, perhaps subconscious, level.

If you’re broke, it’s because you want to be, or because you think it’s cool, or because you feel you deserve to be, or because you feel you can’t handle money. Whatever the reasons are, you can find some affirmations that will change your thinking. If you’re alone, it’s because you want to be in the deep parts of your being or because someone told you that you don’t deserve love and you believed him or her. If you want to change that, you can. It’s up to you. When you want a relationship more than you want to be alone, you’ll create it for yourself. All it takes is a strong, focused positive affirmation with feeling behind it—and patience and persistence.


“You will be what you will to be… Be not impatient in delay 
but wait as one who understands: When spirit rises and commands the gods are ready to obey.”

— Ella Wheeler Wilcox


When your spirit rises and you dare to affirm your greatest good, the creative forces of the universe will rush in to do your will.

The Law of Karma

When working with any of the tools of affirmation, mantra, prayer, or visualization, always keep in mind that it is for the highest good of all concerned. Those who wish to use these tools for what they think is their own good but is at the expense of others or hurts others in any way will create endless problems for themselves.

The law of karma is absolute: The universe is set up so that whatever you do comes back to you. What you sow is what you reap. If you think loving thoughts you live in a loving world. If you think hateful thoughts you live in a hate-filled world. If you hurt someone else, you will be hurt.

This is why there’s never any reason to fear misusing these powerful tools, because people who try to harm others, through affirmations or any other means, only end up hurting themselves. The law of karma is infallible.

If you have even the slightest feeling that what you’re affirming may not be the best thing for you or for someone else, finish your affirmations with the words, “This, or something better, is now manifesting for the highest good of all concerned.” Then just sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your creation. Let it come to you, easily and effortlessly, without struggling, striving, or suffering. Easily and Effortlessly

I’ll close by highlighting a particularly powerful positive affirmation for people in the world today:

“____________________ comes to me, easily and effortlessly.”

Fill in the blank with whatever you desire.

One of our biggest stumbling blocks in the way of attaining or accomplishing something—especially our most cherished dreams and goals—is that we’re trying too hard. The struggle itself becomes a major obstacle.

Life does not have to be a struggle. Look at the trees and plants and animals—are they struggling for survival? As a great teacher said, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

Simply affirm to yourself,

Love comes to me, easily and effortlessly. Wonderful abundance comes to me, easily and effortlessly. Grace and lightness come to me, easily and effortlessly. Inner peace comes to me, easily and effortlessly.

And you can affirm more specific things, such as,

My perfect artistic expression comes to me, easily and effortlessly.

My book and website project is completed, easily and effortlessly.

Creative success comes to me, easily and effortlessly.

I now have a successful career, easily and effortlessly.

I do wonderful work in a wonderful way, with wonderful friends for wonderful pay, easily and effortlessly, for the highest good of all.

You can finish even very specific projects and fulfill commitments easily and effortlessly with this affirmation.

When you ask the Universe for something, you will receive it—unless you’re denying it on deeper levels of your being. Let it all come to you, easily and effortlessly. You deserve it. You’re here to fulfill something wonderful in your life, something you cherish in your heart. And now you are holding in your hands the tools to create whatever your heart desires.

This article on positive affirmations was excerpted from the book Tantra for the West, © 2015 by Marc Allen. Printed with permission of New World Library.

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