Breakthrough Scientific Discovery Reveals the Cause of and Solution to Most Skin Problems


mother-dirt-skin-microbiome-girl-facecreating healthy, clear skin, it turns out, is less about keeping it clean that it is about making sure it has the essential things it needs to thrive.

It’s not your fault, but it’s highly likely that you’ve been treating your skin all wrong—and if you are having skin problems like acne, overly oily or dry skin, eczema, body odor, sensitive skin, dandruff, itchiness and more, this could very well be why. If you’ve made the switch to high quality, organic, natural body care products you have definitely been heading in the right direction, but it’s highly likely that you have still been missing one key ingredient: bacteria.

That’s right, a growing body of scientific research is demonstrating that there is a very real connection between the health of your skin and the level of live probiotic bacteria that are living on it, known as your skin’s microbiome—and that the lack of these invisible yet integral, health-promoting bacteria have been linked to all kinds of skin issues that have baffled doctors and the people who suffer with them for ages.

In fact, scientists have found that a healthy skin microbiome is linked to some amazing things like:

+ Smoothing and softening skin
+ Balancing oiliness and dryness
+ Eliminating body odor
+ Improving difficult skin conditions like acne, eczema, contact dermatitis
+ Looking younger and healthier
+ Reducing roughness
+ Reducing blotchiness of the skin
+ Reducing uncomfortable skin sensitivity

Throughout human history, our skin health has traditionally been pretty great and problem-free as we are naturally colonized by health-promoting probiotic organisms known as Nitrosomonas. These good, skin- and health-friendly bacteria naturally consume ammonia and urea, which are pro-inflammatory, skin-irritating, odor-producing waste products that have a tendency to build up on our skin as excreted waste products from within our body.

What’s Causing the Rise in Skin Issues

Under normal conditions, the good, skin-friendly bacteria colonizing our skin would prevent ammonia and urea concentrations from ever getting high enough to cause skin issues.  However, with the advent of modern soaps and cleaning products containing harsh, probiotic bacteria-destroying chemicals and surfactants at the turn of the 19th century, skin problems have skyrocketed as our skin microbiome has become disrupted and seriously deficient. In some cases, it’s nearly non-existent.

The irony is that most of the products on the market designed to deal with the above mentioned skin issues are paradoxically part of the problem because they contain these harsh chemicals that destroy sensitive Nitrosomonas—which is the scientific name for the essential bacteria that you want on your skin. 100% natural and organic products are far better in that they often don’t kill bacteria like synthetic products—but they can also be limited in their effectiveness because they don’t actively work to replenish it—either directly by containing the specific probiotic strains that our skin needs, or indirectly by containing special organic compounds that are ‘food’ for these specialized bacteria and cause their populations to naturally grow on your skin.

The Science-Backed Solution

However, one company is working to change all that: Mother Dirt.

Based on groundbreaking research into the skin microbiome, Mother Dirt’s line of products are formulated to recolonize your skin with abundant, healthy Nitrosomonas . Their body spray is just that: a Nitrosomona-rich, good bacteria infused spray that you can use all over your body like deodorant—one that doesn’t just mask body odor, but actually works to get rid of the root cause of it in the first place. And, of course, it also has all the incredible, skin healing and rejuvenating benefits outlined earlier—a powerful one-two punch that you won’t find in many other skin care products.

Their other two products—a shampoo and body wash—are formulated to not just protect healthy skin bacteria, but to feed it as well with special compounds that cause Nitrosomona populations to multiply.

People who use Mother Dirt products often report they are able to take fewer and shorter showers, their skin health improves greatly, skin problems often disappear and they are able to save money by cutting back on deodorants and other skin-care products—sometimes even eliminating them entirely.  As anyone who has had skin issues knows, they can be difficult and frustrating to treat effectively—and perhaps now science is finally offering insight into why and even better yet, a solution as well.

This article is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Mother Dirt, whose products and ethos complies with Conscious Lifestyle Magazine’s stringent quality and integrity guidelines.

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