Organic Highs: Healthy, Natural and Safe Alternatives to Drinking and Drugs That Boost Health, Mood and Pleasure


Organic Highs: Safe, Healthy Alternatives to Drinking and Drugsphoto: maxime bhm

Dolan Ramsay is the founder of KATY, an organically grown and plant-based mood-enhancing supplement that you can take in capsule form. It was designed with a mission in mind: to create a safer, healthier alternative for the dance, party, and festival scenes around the world. Now, he’s working on a new line of health and wellness products, including BROCK, an organic supplement designed to boost testosterone and enhance male sexual performance.

I spoke with Dolan about the stories behind KATY and BROCK and how he’s using sacred science like Sanskrit mantra, Vedic astrology, and Yogic philosophy to realize his dreams and impact millions.

Q: First of all. Wow. It’s great that you’re providing a healthier and organic alternative to the smorgasbord of psychoactive substances out there in the festival scene. What was your inspiration behind KATY?

Thank you very much. It’s great when people see the purpose of what we are doing. Appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share our passion and mission.

Our inspiration really was a culmination of a few divine events. Some of which at the time they happened may not have been perceived as blessings.

The thread is that addiction has played a role in all of the lives of our team members, both personally and the lives of the ones we care about. It has even taken the lives of some of the people who were once closest to us. Thankfully, we learned that we desired a sustainable way to seek the experiences we wanted to have.

A few years ago I got my entry into the world of online marketing while working with a top influencer. We had this one promotional partner whom I had a brotherly connection with. At the time, he happened to be launching a nootropic supplement company that was mostly focused on focus and productivity solutions for entrepreneurs, so he started sending me some products to try out.


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A year or so after getting to know each other, and him knowing my passion for electronic music and going out dancing with my friends, he sent me this unreleased product that was for euphoria and mood boost.

The timing couldn’t have been better as a few of my friends and I had hit a wall with the party scene and really wanted some healthier alternatives. We didn’t want to deal with the Monday morning blues and next day dread of having fun all night.

Over a few years we developed this product, and eventually, it got to the point where friends were starting to ask me for it. At the same time, I noticed the explosion of music festivals that were happening and saw the opportunity to bring this to the mainstream.

In a few days I made the website myself, came up with a name, and launched it to friends. Then I eventually got some in the hands of some influencers in the dance music scene, and it was incredibly well-received.

A few big articles later we had officially blown up.

Q: When we were setting up this interview, you told me that sacred science—i.e. the wisdom and practices of yoga, the insights of Vedic astrology, etc.—were essential to your success as an entrepreneur. This sounds deeply inspiring for any of us out there looking to self-actualize, realize our dreams, and stay “woke” (as they say) in the process. Tell us about your journey. How did you discover the sacred sciences? 

Well, as it happens for most, the spiritual path and an interest in personal development usually comes from some crisis.

When I was 17 my mother passed away. The immediate years that followed lead to a wide array of experiences to test the limits of what I deemed life to be. Eventually I burnt out and had my first real dark night of the soul. From this I got deep in the world of personal development.

A big part of this in the beginning was yoga and then next came Vedic astrology, which I was introduced to through my former fiance’s good friend. My interest in it eventually lead me to connect with a marketing student of mine named Kathleen Whalen, who I found out was also a Vedic astrologer.

After my fiancé and I had parted ways, which lead to the distancing with my previous connection that introduced me to Vedic astrology, I immediately gravitated to Kathleen and her expansive knowledge of ancient wisdom.

Kathleen has introduced me to and helped me integrate Vedic astrology, Sanskrit mantra, Yantra, and Ayurveda into my life and has supported my study of yoga philosophy.

These all have proven to be so profound in my personal and professional life and have helped me manifest incredible opportunities, cultivate amazing relationships, have a solid moral foundation to live from, and impact millions of lives.

Q: How have these sacred sciences helped you get to where you are now?  

Well one of the stories I like to share the most is when a friend of mine purchased a Facebook page from another friend. At the time it had about 45,000 likes, growing by a few hundred each week.

He came to me and asked me if I wanted to partner with him on it and run it. I was honored and took the opportunity in with open arms.

Immediately I turned to this Lakshmi mantra and Sri Yantra practice that I had been experimenting with.

Lakshmi Mantra is a prosperity practice to be done every day for 40 days. It only takes about five minutes and brings luck, creativity, prosperity, opportunity, purpose and passion. Combined with the Sri Yantra gazing practice, which is the symbol for creativity, you can get exponential results.

The long and the short of it is that six months later, with no money spent on ads and all organic and viral growth, the page was at just under 2 million likes. We had created an email list of 90,000 people, earned 6 figures in revenue, and impacted over 100 million lives.

This is just one story of how this ancient, sacred wisdom and practices have impacted my life personally and professionally. The stories are endless and some of them beyond words to explain.

We, of course, leveraged the success of this one project and brought all these tools into our current company LIMITLESS LIFE and have seen even more miracles. I’m truly grateful for these incredible tools the universe provides us to live out our purpose.

It’s interesting to note that one of my nerdy hobbies is etymology and the origin of the word prosperity is purpose. Purpose meaning “to put forth” essentially, putting ourselves out into the world. So we are most prosperous when we are living our purpose and that is what the Lakshmi Mantra really does, aligns us with our deepest purpose. Truly incredible.

Q: Let’s switch tracks. Tell us about your newest products and what inspired them.  

Yes, well we actually have a few big things happening in the product development area.

First off, we have created a new two capsule combination for KATY that will give the fun seekers exactly what they are looking for. This is really next level and is going to make a lot of people happy.

Then we took the product that has been KATY and we made some tweaks to enhance its ability to support people with focus, mood, and calmness, and we renamed it AVA.

This is huge in the area of emotional and mental wellness. The potential for this product is limitless, truly. We have given it the nickname “The Pill for Peace”.

If everyone took a couple AVA a week, we would have an incredibly peaceful and compassionate world. And its not about people checking out but building new, enhanced pathways to give us the state of being we desire.

Next we have a line of nutritional sprays that contain the most potent, bioactive nutritionals available today. With just a couple sprays under the tongue you can achieve the experience you desire. We have one called SHEA for mood, positivity and optimism and one called MARK for focus, creativity and productivity.

And then we have BROCK, our revolutionary men’s performance supplement. In a time when masculinity and being a man is ripe for evolution we have what we refer to as “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” in a capsule.

Q: BROCK isn’t just about sex, is it? It sounds like this would be a great supplement for athletes.

Correct. BROCK is unlike any testosterone or male enhancement solution on the market today. Whether you’re 18 (and predisposed to low-testosterone) or 86 (and need more than supplemental testosterone and/or traditional sexual enhancement meds) BROCK improves your health and performance holistically. After 4 years of development and 3 years of testing early versions to thousands of satisfied men, BROCK is safe and natural while providing sustainable, repeatable results.

BROCK provides the optimum amount of testosterone for increasing muscle mass, restoring clarity and energy, and enhancing performance and strength.

It does so by challenging convention and utilizing the body’s own processes, including Cholesterol Hormone Conversion, to increase specific hormones in a manageable but heightened way. We really have created the perfect storm of male performance enhancement, making you the man you were born to be naturally, safely, sustainably, and compassionately. 

Q: These products seem to have a common theme: a healthier, holistic approach to sensual and physical well being. People are hungry for that. Has your personal journey with the sacred sciences helped to build the founding ethos behind your company?

Yes, our products are all about this concept of experiential nutrition. And this is about serving the body and mind so we can pursue our soul’s purpose, which essentially is the path of yoga, which means yolk, symbolizing the concept of unity.

So its about uniting the body and mind, which most medications do not do; they, in fact, separate the two by depleting the system and breaking it down.  If we unite the body and mind, then we can filter through to our deeper selves and get in touch with and live aligned with our soul.

This is all inspired by our deep personal and spiritual development work fueled by ancient wisdom. This is reflected in all we do, from how we grow our plants sustainably and organically on plots of land we own, to how we extract the ingredients in a chemical-free manner, the combinations of ingredients we use, and the philosophies we run our company and personal lives by.

We are not perfect by all means, but we strive to be our best!

Q: Back to your spiritual journey. What’s your daily practice look like? Fellow entrepreneurs are curious to know!

Well on this note of perfection, in no way do I ever want people to be like me. Or to even “look up to me”. Hopefully I just inspire you to be your best version of you.

The word perfect actually originates from the word “complete”. And those who have pursued the path know we are never complete. We can pursue completion and perfection, but we will not achieve it.

So back to the question… my daily practice.

Well, its quite simple actually. As a result of doing some deep transformational work, I feel like a lot of this has been deeply engrained in me, and I carry it in every second of my life.

The things I do daily are the Lakshmi Sanskrit Mantra practice, drink lots of clean water, a walk or fresh air of some sorts, and then tune into the key astrological events for that time period.

That is the daily, then, of course, I throw in asana practice, meditation, sutra reading and journaling when called for.

Q: Finally, Dolan, what would you say to anyone who’s looking to achieve their visions and start their own path of self-actualization? Is there something essential from your practices with the sacred sciences that you would offer them? 

Well as cheesy as it sounds, I would say “love yourself.” But I may not mean what you think I mean when I say this.

Funny, the origin of the word “love” is actually desire. And desire means “de sidre” which is French for “of the stars.” 

Bottom line, I believe we have everything in us already. The universe is with in us, and the external world is just a reflection of it. So just start to listen to your desires and pursue them one layer at a time.

If you want support with this, then definitely get a Vedic astrology reading and do the Lakshmi Mantra. The astrology session can give you some insights to your deeper desires, purpose and mission, and the mantra can align you with that on a daily basis and bring you what you need to support the fruition of it.

That would be the beginning of the path from my experience.

Thank you!

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Jeremy Johnson is an essayist and culture writer. He is a contributing editor at Reality Sandwich magazine and forthcoming author of Passages from Tomorrow. He also writes for OMNI, Disinfo, and Evolve and Ascend. His interests include philosophy, culture, and futurism.


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