This Deck of Cards is Specially Designed to Bring You Into a State of Flow, Joy and Harmony With All Life


Humandalas Card Deck

If you have ever experienced being in flow, you know it’s a peak experience. And if, for some reason, you haven’t, here’s what it’s like: Imagine an immensely pleasurable feeling of being connected to everyone and everything around you—in perfect harmony with yourself, your environment and the people in your life. Then imagine that, on top of this blissful sensation, you also feel a wildly expanded sense of possibility, creativity and intuition mixed with moments of joy, laughter and profound moments of inspiration. Time slows down, you are fully locked into present moment awareness, and you start to wonder if this is what it’s like to be enlightened. That’s what flow feels like, and—just like it sounds—it is a truly incredible experience.

For most people, it strikes somewhat infrequently and haphazardly, making it unreliable at best, however, there is a segment of society that has spent years studying how flow happens in order to engineer it on command so that the benefits of living in this expanded state of consciousness can be used to better our lives individually and collectively.

HuMandalas: Activating Flow States

One of those people is Daniel Levy—and while he probably wouldn’t call himself a flow expert in the classical sense, he’s found a way to help people tap into these peak flow states at will—through the use of a special type of connection technology called HuMandalas. And more specifically, Daniel is an expert at producing group flow—that is, bringing not just one person into flow, but an entire of group people, which is quite a feat.

Daniel Levy began his journey into experiencing and understanding these types of expanded states of consciousness through simple practices like breathing; moving with the waves of nature; and ancient practices like yoga, ecstatic dance and the study of sacred geometrical forms. These flow-activating disciplines gave him great insight into the nature of flow, particularly in groups, and Daniel refined this art through countless workshops and as a facilitator and consultant within numerous communities at festivals, schools and organizations worldwide.

After over a decade of real-world testing, the HuMandalas process was birthed. It is a deceptively simple but profoundly effective way to quickly bring groups of people into flow states together. As he describes them, HuMandalas is a form of guided movement meditation for groups that allow participants to get in sync with each other and the environment around them by using special kinds of intentional connection, toning and visualization practices.

In order to make all of his knowledge and expertise of bringing people together through movement and formation accessible to all, Daniel created a deck of 52 HuMandalas cards and a corresponding digital app that allow others to drop into the experience of group flow and expanded awareness on their own. Using the HuMandalas card deck trains you to align your biorhythms to the universal flow of nature through guided interactions that mirror the sacred geometry of creation. The practices the cards guide individuals through draw from qigong, yoga, reiki and elements of sacred dance, all of which are known to produce peak flow states in the individuals who practice them.

Bring Your Relationships into Harmony and Flow

So how exactly does this work in real life? Using the cards is a simple but profound experience that is highly versatile for any group experience where flow, coherence and deep connection would be useful. Think company meetings, family dinners, workshops and retreats, before yoga classes, for sports teams before or after games, for musicians and just about anything else involving two or more people.

The process goes something like this: one or more people draw a total of five cards for the group—one from each of the five categories: connect, share intention, cultivate energy (with movement and sound), offer blessing and anchor memory. Then you simply follow the instructions on the cards. Easy right? And it is on one level, but on another there is a high degree of wisdom, intention and insight that went into creating each card and designing the deck as a whole, so that you are able to create a seemingly endless variety of experiences that will lead you into individual and group flow like clockwork.

Each time you pull cards the sequence is unique and engaging, but each time it reliably leads to a peak experience. Just like in nature, the cards are never quite the same as they were before, and this newness also helps to keep your brain from falling into expected patterns—something that can work against getting in flow in the long run.

And perhaps, best of all, the decks are very affordable and a tree is planted with every purchase. To learn more visit their website:

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