How to Enhance Sexual Pleasure Naturally: Sacred Herbs for Heightened Sensation


Foria Awaken: An Herbal Formula to Enhance Sexual Pleasure Naturallyphoto: hanna postova

Most people know that CBD does wondrous things for your health—but did you know that it also does equally wondrous things for sexual pleasure?

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) has gained widespread popularity in recent years due to incredible research that has shown it to be particularly effective for reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation and inducing deep relaxation quite quickly.

While most people use CBD internally, the more clever and sensual among us discovered that if you apply it topically on sensitive areas below the belt, those same medicinal effects start to work in a whole new way—increasing blood flow, relaxation and sensation in your most sensitive areas, which translates to a massive increase in pleasure.

With this in mind, the pleasure connoisseurs over at Foria Wellness created an all-natural, herbalist-formulated arousal oil and lubricant that’s infused with CBD and blended with aphrodisiac herbs. It’s called AWAKEN, and let me tell you, it’s f*cking incredible.

The Orgasmic Effects of CBD and Sensual Herbs

I was first introduced to AWAKEN from Foria Wellness at Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary, a local women’s healthcare boutique in Santa Barbara. I came into the store that day because I was fresh out of the CBD that I typically order online. While I was browsing the CBD products, I picked up AWAKEN, and the woman behind the counter commented, “Oh, that’s a bestseller,” with a distinct and somewhat sensual intonation in her voice. I knew in that moment that I had to try it for myself to see what all the hype was about.

I also wanted to learn more about AWAKEN and its effects, so I did some research and spoke with herbalist Ashley (Ashe) Kelly-Brown, the owner of Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary. The first thing I found was that a lot of women were raving about how well it increases their arousal and enhances pleasure and orgasm. When I asked Ashe about this, she explained, “The majority of the plants that are inside of the product (which are ginger, cardamom, kava root, peppermint oil, vanilla, and cacao) all increase blood circulation and blood flow, so they are really great for tight muscles and really great for relaxing, enhancing, and creating more stimulation and blood flow in those areas.” As for the CBD, she says that it “makes things a little more sensory and helps reduce inflammation and any pain that may be associated with penetration.” In fact, many women, Ashe’s clients included, use AWAKEN for these reasons and find that it makes sex and pleasure a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.


While there hasn’t been much research regarding the use of CBD during sex, research has shown that there’s a direct link between the endocannabinoid system and hormones, fertility, and reproduction. Similarly, Ashe notes that cacao, which is used in AWAKEN’S all-natural and plant-based formulation, “releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain, therefore creating a more relaxed experience.” Furthermore, medical texts dating back thousands of years record the use of cannabis and hemp for a wide variety of uses relating to gynecology and women’s health and well-being.

The Awaken Experience

In light of all of this information, I was excited to find out what my own experience with AWAKEN would be like. Here’s what I can share…

Within a few minutes, the first thing I noticed was a pleasant, warming sensation, which had the effect of making me more aware of my state of arousal. Because the instructions said that the oil could take up to 15 minutes to reach its full effect, I wasn’t exactly expecting what came next… As I was casually scrolling through Spotify for a tender playlist to enjoy, I experienced a powerful orgasm without any other touch beyond the application of the lubricant itself.

Although I have the capacity to orgasm fairly easily when intimate with my partner or on my own, this was a surprising first. You see, I wasn’t doing much of anything other than noticing the sensations that were arising and taking note of them for the purposes of this review. I can honestly say that reaching orgasm has never been easier and can confidently corroborate the anecdotal evidence from other women who have said the same.

Here are some other things I’ve noticed from using AWAKEN from Foria Wellness on a regular basis…

In addition to longer orgasms that are easier to reach, my experiences with AWAKEN are characterized by increased arousal and increased natural lubrication, which many other women also experience. My favorite, however, is the heightened experience of sensation where even the slightest touch is extremely amplified as a result of this herbal magic and science.

Overall, I’ve found using AWAKEN to bring about a really deep and connected experience of intimacy and self-pleasure where I’m highly in tune with myself and my body in a way that I haven’t known before. I feel much more mindful and aware of the sensations in my body and the presence of my partner, resulting in a deeper, more lasting, and heightened experience of pleasure.

To try AWAKEN from Foria Wellness for yourself, use code PLEASURE15 for 15% off of all Foria products.

Please note: As with all oil-based lubricants, AWAKEN is not safe for use with latex.

This article is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Foria Wellness, whose products and ethos comply with Conscious Lifestyle Magazine’s stringent quality and integrity guidelines.

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