Recommended Sites

The following is a collection of websites that we have found to be of value promoting higher consciousness and awareness across the web. Enjoy~

Uplift Connect

Combining the gift of intimate live events with the power of the internet to reach the world, UPLIFT is a bridge of love and consciousness into real world action, guided by a fundamental vision of Sarvodaya – Sanskrit meaning: “Upliftment for all”.

The Daily Om

One of the worlds largest spirituality websites with thousands of articles and lots of inspirational reading.

The Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project attempts to measure shifts in global consciousness by observing variations in random number generators placed around the globe.

Mindful Magazine

Mindful’s purpose is to inform, inspire, guide, and connect all those who want to live a mindful life, to enjoy the scientifically supported benefits of mindfulness practices, and to create a more mindful and caring society.

Chakra Healing

Inner Cosmos Energy Healing with Satish

Crystal Well-Being – Crystal Healing

A site dedicated to Crystal Healing with information about Crystal Healing Nets, Crystal Meditation and the properties of Crystals. Stocks a wide range of unusual healing crystals and crystal jewelry.